Joseph’s Coat Charitable Resale & Food Pantry

Class Assignment – Logo & Brand Development

Joseph’s Coat is a non-profit organization in Omaha, NE. They currently have no consistent brand identity, so one was to be created for them. The logo design was to convey the portion of the Bible story to which the organization relates itself; that story being the one related to Joseph, a mere peasant who gained royal blessings and had a vision from God that his nation would suffer a severe drought. To avoid a failing and starved nation, he conserved grains, water, and other resources in order to make it through the long drought. While “Joseph’s Coat” portrays the side of the business that provides clothing for those in need, the most closely associated term to the phrase is “technicolor dream coat” – a phrase that the client would want to avoid as it doesn’t stand true to their business model.

In order to create an increasingly larger impact on the community, Joseph’s Coat would be presented the idea of changing their entire business model, straying away from the notion of a “thrift store” (which often has negative, dirty, or dismal connotations) and instead using their business expertise to request donations of obsolete or barely damaged (but still absolutely useful) inventory from large corporations (whether locally or nationally) such as Walmart, Target, Shopko, K-Mart, etc. And instead of offering them to local citizens in need at a price, simply donating items to families that need them. In turn, after applying for assistance, citizens receiving the items would either volunteer their time to serve others in the Food Pantry portion of the business or volunteer at the “Charitable Resale” portion, where they would deliver goods to other families.

Because the end-recipient of the new branding (letterheads, envelopes, business cards, etc) would usually not be the citizens receiving assistance, but the corporations that would be donating items, the branding needed to be professional and simple.

  • Role Art Director, Designer, Copywriter
  • For Jim Wolf – Instructor
  • Date Fall 2013
  • Type Braning, Stationery, Business Card, Non-Profit